Affiliate Disclosure

This site mentions many tools and resources. We present both objective facts about the tools as well as subjective opinions about them. When we share or mention a resource, in most cases, we are using an affiliate link in which we will receive compensation if you purchase the product. We try to be honest and open with our recommendations and will not recommend products we do not believe in solely for the affiliate commission. These affiliate links do not effect the amount you pay for the products.

Why am I explaining this?

We want those people that use our website to be comfortable with their decision to make purchases based on our recommendations. That effort is only supported by us being as transparent as possible as to how this website earns income.

We believe affiliate marketers provide a huge value to the marketplace when operating ethically and with integrity. We provide insights and hard-researched information to help others make an informed decision. If you do not believe the value we provide is worth making a purchase through one of our affiliate links, we respect that. Feel free to Google the resources and use a non-affiliate link instead.